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Best Practices and Stragies
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Special forum dedicated to our Auto Blogging Software. Discuss about new feature request and bug reports. Do not bring in other incompetent auto blogging tools here.
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TOPIC: Best Practices and Stragies
Best Practices and Stragies 8 Years ago Karma: 0

I recently got the ABS software and think it is excellent. I am surprised that no one has started a best practices section. I know there is the model that Carty writes about, but in my opinion, there is so much more power to this software. Personally, I like setting up review sites with affiliate products including Amazon and Clickbank and recently a little adsense for good measure. I typically have review pages and then of course the posts section as it is a Wordpress blog.

Constantly coming up with new content is hard, but using the ABS software can help to drive traffic because of the ability to constantly give Crimigoogle (short for Criminal Google- they treat both advertisers and ad sense users terribly acting like a dictatorship state- I digress...) fresh content even if it is duplicate. In case people don't know, duplicate content is a myth that is perpetuated by gurus who wish to scare you into buying their products. If duplicate content were an issue, then Ezines which has TONNES of duplicate content would not be the behemoth it is today.

My only thing is, I don't think Google would be too excited about a site that is pure regurgitation of other sites since it does not add a lot of value in the way fresh content can and does. But there is no penalty in terms of getting de-indexed or punished. Simply put, if you have the same article on your site as 10 other sites for one specific keyword, Google will not display all of those 10 sites at the same time for that keyword when searched, because there is no value to the searcher.

So my question is this:

1) Would the most powerful form of using ABS come when you pull a feed AND then add a Youtube video in so you have 2 different content sources in one post (question refers to doing so without any spinning of the article or translation)- perhaps changing the title is the 3rd thing to really make this powerful. So in essence, you get a post from a feed and don't change it, but you add a youtube video directly into it and change the title. Would this look like fresh content because of the mixing?

2) Why exactly does Carty advise that changing only the title is a good strategy? What good does only changing the title do if nothing else is changed?

3) Carty- do you only change the title in your strategy for your sites or do you ever spin or redo the content?

4) Since there are potential copyright issues if you do not change the content, do most people leave backlinks to the original source? (doesn't really cover copyright but I can't see someone being mad getting a free backlink)

I know many people worry about leaking juice from their site but to me, having a lot of outgoing links looks more natural I would think. And anyways, can't you just add no follow tags which would prevent any leakage?

Anyone who wishes to share best practices, please do so! Thanks everyone.
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Re:Best Practices and Stragies 8 Years ago Karma: 0

This is a good topic you started;; wish there was more activity on it.

I am still trying to figure out best practices myself. I love the ABS software, but I too have a couple of concerns about simply re-posting other sites' contents. One is Google -- will they see it as just a spam blog or a made-for-adsense blog and penalize me in some way? The other is the owners of the content that I am "repurposing."

Here is what I am doing. Not saying this is the best way, but it makes me more comfortable with the whole thing.

1. I put the original title in the content box and boldface it. For the actual post title, I write a whole new one.

2. I add my own tags. Frankly, the tags the software tends to extract are often not very good ones.

3. I include the link to the original article.

4. I try to write an original post at least every other day. Unfortunately, this will probably not be feasible once I have a lot of blogs in operation.

5. For each blog of mine, I try to find at least 10 or 12 feeds, not just 3 or 4 that Carty (I think) recommends. This makes it look less like I'm simply mirroring someone else's site. Also, if one person gets mad and demands I remove his stuff, I have plenty of fall-back for my content.

Again, I don't know if all this is "best practice," but it is how I am doing it at the moment.

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Re: Best Practices and Stragies 7 Years, 12 Months ago Karma: 17
Thanks for starting it out. Your facts are good and real.

1. Yes. The change of title make thes article 80% unique in the eyes of Google and adding a video or a bit of spun content or info in the middle of the article will make it 100% unique. Changing titles is sufficient for most times.

2. The titles come under H1 tags if the theme expresses it correctly. This is the first thing looked upon by Google. Your search phrase is also directly matched with the titles.

3. I change the title almost always. Content, a bit is done by translation. I just quickly go through them and if I find any gross errors, I correct them. Overall, it wont take more than 15 secs for me to proof read an article.

4. Depends on your source. I'm not a legal advisor so cannot really comment on this. As far as my experience goes, I never had a problem

Out going links definitely make a site look natural. Take eZine articles site for example.

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Re: Best Practices and Stragies 7 Years, 12 Months ago Karma: 17
Writing an original content yourself occasionally to your blogs helps a lot.. Also having more number of feeds will keep the content well mixed.

Both are good points to be noted!

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Re:Best Practices and Stragies 7 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 1
I also rewrite post titles and edit tags - though not with every post.
Once a week I do an "Update All Feeds".
Once that is done I scan through all the downloaded posts and delete the non-relevant ones.
Then I rewrite a couple of post titles and edit tags on some of the posts before I select all the posts and hit "Post All Selected Items"

I have at least one completely unique post on all my sites.

For a niche site I use an exact match domain name and write one 500 word unquie post targeted to my keyword.
I then use the ABS to autopost content items related to my keyword.

I have a Wordpress plugin installed that automatically links selected phrases in the autoposted content back to the unique post.
For example, if my site is targeting "50 inch lcd tv", then I will have the plugin set so that if the phrase "lcd tv" occurs in an autoposted item it will automatically be linked back to my page of unique content on "50 inch lcd tv".

I am finding that some of the autoposted content can rank and get clicks for long tail keywords.
If I start getting a few clicks for a particular phrase then I might edit the page that is getting the clicks to increase the on-page relevance for the phrase, or I might even create a completely unique post on the phrase and link the autopost to the new post.

Check your stats (eg Google Analytics) to keep an eye on what phrases visitors are using to find your site.
Otherwise there are a couple of Wordpress plugins you can install that will email you when your site gets a click from a Google search telling you what the search phrase was, and where you ranked for that phrase.
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