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How to Get Your Page Double Listed in Google

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Google Double ListingHave you ever noticed indented listings on Google’s SERP or Search Results Pages? Those listings usually stand out and grab the attention of the visitor getting a heavy click through rates. Wondered how to get the same for your site? Here we go.

First, let’s see the logic behind Double Listings on Google SERPs. Actually it’s no rocket science: When two different pages of the same website show up on the same SERP (Search Engine Result Page) then Google would group them together.

Let‘s say for example if your page has a rank of 15 and 20, they would be grouped and shown together; first one with the normal alignment and the next an indented one. Call it a pretty smart move by Google. The main purpose is that Google intends to show results that are both very significant and relative to one another.

Steps to get your page double listed:

Determine the page for which you’d like a double listing.This is the first step where you must get one of your pages already ranked in Google for a particular keyword. Once that is done, you’re simply going to create another page similar to the first page.

Structuring Your Second Page:

Make sure that the title page heading for the second page is very much similar to the first page but not the same as the first page.
For Content, make sure the keyword density in the second page is slightly higher than the first page.

Linking Strategy:

Exchange links between the first and second pages. Ensure that page 1 is linked to page 2 with the anchor text that you would want page 2 to rank for. Again link page 1 to page 2 with the same anchor text. Also, link page 2 to every other places on your website where the first page links to, using the same anchor texts.


Get two or more Backlinks for second page from authority sites (say the article directories or other web 2.0 sites).
Now give it some time for Google to find your second page having significant value as to the first page or confuse itself on finding the right page with the content and group both of the pages for you to get higher click thru rates.

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